We work to optimise rider performance in all forms of Endurance racing. Endurance racing with motorcycles is the most demanding of all motorsports; the fatigue levels in the last hour of a long day racing can make the difference between winning and coming second in a race.

We have the only way of objectively measuring muscle fatigue as it happens.  It has taken us three years to develop and validate our state of the art systems.  We can now determine your muscle fatigue index whilst you are riding, telling you when fatigue starts. We can use this information to work with riders and their conditioning coaches to optimise gym training and delay the onset of fatigue.


Our team of Scientists at Motorsport Biomechanics can collect valuable fatigue data, which will help the rider and their team better understand how their body is performing whilst racing on a bike. Understanding the mechanics of a bike is important, just as critical is understanding the movement and mechanics of the body whilst racing.

Hampshire, UK

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