This is our founder Michael winning the Spanish go kart championship in 1989. Michael has been a super fan of go karting from the age of 8 when he started in the sport. By the time Michael reached the age of 14 he was a works driver competing at European and World Championship level with top karters like Jan Magnussen, Pedro de La Rosa, Marc Gene, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli to name just a few.

Karting is the foundation for many future careers in the world of Motorsport. Our Scientists at Motorsport Biomechanics believe it is just as important to understand the movement of the body whilst driving a go kart, whatever your age. Comprehensive biomechanical data assessment can help to optimise driver technique and training, understand the influence of growth and maturation on performance, and aid driver transition into other forms of motorsport.  

Hampshire, UK

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