Using our wireless technology, this testing establishes changes in muscle activity across a race day or over multiple sessions.

The assessment of muscle activity allows us to determine the onset of muscle fatigue and the amount of fatigue. Knowing when fatigue occurs, and in which muscles fatigue occurs, could help your conditioning coach optimise your gym sessions and off-track training.

Example case study

Driver X was struggling with forearm pump; a burning sensation in the forearms, resulting in a loss of strength.

The arm pump happened mid-race and caused a drop in lap times.

What did we do?

Motorsport Biomechanics measured muscle activiity in the forearms whilst the driver was racing. The data we collected identified that forearm fatigue started mid-race, as the driver started to experience pain.

With this data the driver changed hand position on the wheel and adjusted seat positioning that delayed the onset of fatigue.

The data was also used by the drivers conditioning coach, allowing them to adapt the drivers resistance training programme to enhance the drivers muscular endurance. 

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