Motorsport Biomechanics can really add value to driver performance in racing simulator. SIM racing has become very popular over the past couple of years and the FIA esport series is growing in popularity. Motorsport Biomechanics can help SIM racers to better understand the movement of their body whilst racing in simulator conditions.

During SIM racing we can monitor the kinematics of your body (how it moves), comparing your best performances with your worst to understand your optimum technique. The controlled environment of SIM racing allows us to consider things like the effect of the environmental conditions (lighting, noise, temperature) on your performance and work with you to optimise these. Additionally, muscular performance and fatigue is just as important for SIM drivers as track drivers, therefore understanding what muscles you are using, how much you use them and when they become fatigued is crucial information for optimising SIM performance.

Hampshire, UK

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