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Motorsport Biomechanics is the first to offer biomechanical services to assess and improve driver or rider fatigue and technique in any form of Motorsport whilst racing on the track.

We are the first to offer cutting edge, biomechanical data that is scientifically validated. 


Motorsport Biomechanics is a great fan of all forms of Motorcycle racing.  Since 2018, we are proud to have worked with British Superbike Championship, Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 and World Superbike Championship.

The nature of bike racing, with significant movement of the rider on the bike, allows our scientists to collect valuable muscle fatigue data and movement data from the rider during race conditions. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to work with riders both on and off the track during racing and testing conditions.


Understanding muscle fatigue is critical in Motorcycle racing; reducing fatigue can make the difference between winning or coming second in a race.

Whilst you are riding, we can tell you when your fatigue starts, before you even know it is happening. We can use this information to work with riders and their strength and conditioning coaches to optimise gym training and delay the onset of fatigue.


Rider was struggling with forearm pump; a burning sensation in the forearms, resulting in a loss of strength.​ The arm pump happened mid-race and caused a drop in lap times.


Motorsport Biomechanics measured muscle activity in the forearms whilst the rider was racing. The data we collected identified that forearm fatigue started mid-race, as the rider started to experience pain.

The data was used by the rider's strength and conditioning coach, allowing them to adapt the rider's resistance training programme to enhance the riders muscular endurance. 

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