Motorsport Biomechanics is a great fan of all forms of Motorcycle racing and we work to optimise rider performance in the British Superbike Championship, MotoGp, Moto 2 and Moto 3 and World Superbike Championship and Junior Bike Championships all over the world.

The world of bike racing and the nature of the sport with significant movement of the rider on the bike, allows our scientists to collect valuable biomechanical data from the rider during race conditions. Our cutting edge technology allows us to work with riders both on and off the track during racing and testing conditions.


Muscle fatigue in all high performance sports is of interest to our team of Scientists and is critical in Motorcycle racing; fatigue levels can make the difference between winning or coming second in a race.

We have the only way of objectively measuring muscle fatigue as it happens.  It has taken us three years to develop and validate our state of the art systems.  We can now determine your muscle fatigue index whilst you are riding, telling you when fatigue starts. We can use this information to work with riders, engineers and rider conditioning coaches to optimise gym training and delay the onset of fatigue.

Hampshire, UK

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