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Motorsport Biomechanics is the first to offer biomechanical services to assess and improve driver or rider fatigue and technique in any form of Motorsport whilst racing on the track.

We are the first to offer cutting edge, biomechanical data that is scientifically validated. 


Our team of scientists apply our wireless sensors to the body of the driver or rider and collect muscle activity whilst they are racing on the track.

The data we produce is shared throughout the test day.


This live data can help you analyse your movement on the track; for example, comparing your muscle activity from your fastest lap and your slowest lap.


OPTION 1 - Establish your full body muscle activity profile;

This testing involves the assessment of muscle activity from multiple muscles across the whole body. Understanding your full muscle activity profile provides an evidence base for your gym sessions, indicating which muscles are under most stress as you race.


For strength and conditioning coaches or physios, monitoring muscle activity profiles across multiple drivers/riders, builds a data base of important muscles for each motorsport.

OPTION 2 - Optimising technique or car/bike set up by assessing changes in muscle activity; 

This testing establishes the best driver/rider position and car/bike set up to optimise muscle activity. Muscle activity is assessed and fed back, technique or bike set up is then altered and muscle activity reassessed, this continues throughout the track day. 

OPTION 3 - Optimising lap time by comparing muscle activity between best and worst laps;

This testing provides a comparison of muscle activity during your best performance and your worse performance live on the track.

OPTION 4 - Focused muscle activity assessment on a particular area of the body; 

This testing involves working with a driver/rider who has a particular concern or issue whilst racing (e.g. shoulder injury, lactic acid build-up in the forearm, etc).

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