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Motorsport Biomechanics is the first to offer biomechanical services to assess and improve driver or rider fatigue and technique in any form of Motorsport whilst racing on the track.

We are the first to offer cutting edge, biomechanical data that is scientifically validated. 


We are proud to have worked in Formula 1, collecting muscle activity data with current F1 drivers racing at the Barcelona GP.  To our knowledge this was the first time muscle activity data was collected and analysed live on the track in Formula One. This Biomechanics data was used to optimise the position of the driver in the car. 

As well as Formula 1, we have worked with a leading female racing driver in Formula 3, plus many other drivers across all types of single seater racing including, Formula 2, Formula 3 and karting.  

We collect valuable data on the amount of muscle activity, which tells us how hard each muscle is working.  We also collect muscle fatigue data to help the driver optimise racing technique and training.  Our cutting-edge technology allows us to work with drivers both on and off the track in racing, testing and simulator conditions.

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