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Motorsport Biomechanics is the first to offer biomechanical services to assess and improve driver or rider fatigue and technique in any form of Motorsport whilst racing on the track.

We are the first to offer cutting edge, biomechanical data that is scientifically validated. 


The amount of pressure you exert is vital to all aspects of Motorsport.

Applying too much pressure to the steering wheel or the handle bar of your bike could cause muscle fatigue or arm pump.  


Knowing where you apply the most force to the handle bar or pedal helps you optimise your positioning or the position of the pedal.


Understanding how much pressure you apply and how you apply it provides data for your strength and conditioning coach to maximise your gym work.

Our team of scientist at Motorsport Biomechanics have a unique way of measuring pressure and the effects of fatigue. 

At Motorsport Biomechanics we have worked with Formula 1 drivers to understand the pressure their feet exert on the pedals.

The pedal angle and seating position of the driver was then adjusted until we achieved a more balanced pressure distribution under the front and back of the foot.

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