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Motorsport Biomechanics is the first to offer biomechanical services to assess and improve driver or rider fatigue and technique in any form of Motorsport whilst racing on the track.

We are the first to offer cutting edge, biomechanical data that is scientifically validated. 


Motorsport Biomechanics is delighted to work with the GB Speedway team of riders, collecting muscle activity data whilst racing on the track.


In 2021 team GB Speedway were crowned World Champions!  

The unique technique and speed associated with Speedway, makes understanding the biomechanics of the rider crucial to success. At Motorsport Biomechanics we work with riders and teams to assess and then optimise rider performance.

Chris Neville head of performance at the GB Speedway Team said ‘We are one of the first in the world of Motorsport to collect muscle activity data live on a speedway track with our Team GB speedway riders. It’s incredible to think these machines can go from 0-60mph faster than an F1 car!  working with this new technology, we have found these actions cause huge muscular demand and the data we have collected during pre-season training will be invaluable not only to our riders but also for our team of strength and conditioning coaching staff to make sure their off-track training is optimised.’

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